No Compromise! In defense of the Wild.

“A Pathetic Sport / Whenever I see a photograph of some sportsmen grinning over his kill, I am always impressed by the striking moral and aesthetic superiority of the dead animal to the live one.” -Edward Abbey

Hunt v. the act of stalking a wild animal for the purpose of its destruction.

Saboteur n. a person who intentionally obstructs an organized activity.

Purpose of the Site

The American Hunt Saboteurs Association seeks to provide knowledge and generate ideas regarding all aspects of the fight to protect animals and their habitat.  Here you will find information about disrupting hunting activities, eliminating death as a recreational activity, saving ‘game animals,’ and eradicating the perversion known as ‘sport’ hunting.

This site is not intended to be a forum for debate:  it is intended to be a source for tactics.

AHSA is a No-Profit entity and does not seek donations.  We do not want your money: we want your participation. If you wish to help, study, get in shape, get equipped, and get involved.

In many parts of the United States it is illegal for individuals to interfere with a “sportsman’s” lawful right to hunt. We do not encourage you to break the laws of your respective state. Information on these pages, especially those pages that refer to potential illegal activities, are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only!  Remember, if you are nice to hunters they certainly won’t use wildlife for target practice or their own sick pleasure.

For General Information contact: AHSA Collective 

NOTICE: The full content of threats, insults and generally funny comments emailed to the collective will be published on this site.  Threats are taken seriously and we do contact the proper authorities, ISP, ect. (and in the case of company email addresses, your employer.)