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From: (Yes folks this kid is actually from the University of Georgia!)

9/16/2007 11:31 PMRE Hunting Wanna be Sabatogers. > Whats up city slickers. Ya’ll are a freakin joke. Lets see, you act like you are 12 with all your wanna be hunting tactics and education. Its pretty sad that ya’ll have to teach people what to do to ruin someones way of life. “Can you teach me how to hold a gun Mr.Sabatoger, I am a idiot who don’t know anything about hunting”. You must be a vegatarian. Well incase you didnt know it, most of the people who farm your vegatables and leaves that you eat are farmers. Maybe we need to quit farming too. That would leave only meat to eat if there were no farmers. OOPS I am sorry b/c then ya’ll would starve, b/c you would be to buisy bothering hunters to gather your own food. Grow up. Get a life, and do something more constructive. Ya’ll will never win, even if you did I would like to see you try and take my huntimg equipent away from me. What, you probably way 110 pounds and cant see without your glasses, so I aint to worried about ya’ll. Bambi shure is going to be good tonight. Oh by! > ! > the way I killed a doe saturday morning with my bow, she’ll be good eating too. I can send some pics of her if ya’ll want some. You know you could spend your money and time doing something more constructive like, fund raisers for cancer, the homeless, or schools. So good luck and maybe I will see ya’ll in the woods. But, I doubt ya’ll good find me because your probably to scared to go in my woods. You can email me if you would like some kill pics, b/c I have a pile of dead animals waiting to be sent to ya’ll to piss you off. Good luck


From Doc

Lesson number one If you are going to send hate mail to an Anti-hunting organization that refers to you as Bubba, for the love of god use spell check Saboteur is even in our name you couldn’t copy and paste? If I had not verified your email address and found you on several hunting forums I would have called bullshit on this Email myself… Though I find it hard to believe there are some individuals who personify every stereotype we use to portray hunters apparently you exist.

wchase please send us your huntin’ pics we will add them to the others that are displayed on the site for training purposes

from: []
Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2006 10:20 AM
Subject: email

I hope you grocery store closes and you have to survive off the land maggot.

to: Verticalworld,

from: Seldom Seen

We aren’t familiar with the mythical “land maggot” you write about……

From: steve bopp []
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 7:23 PM
Subject: your site makes no sense

Judging my your site you are a uneducated asshole. Your condoning of illegal activities shows just how ignorant you are.

to: steve bopp

from: Abbzug

Dear Stevie,

Where to begin?  Perhaps I could berate you for your complete disregard for the English language—both in form and content.  However, the larger problem, it would seem, stems from this philosophical premise that only ignorant people condone illegal activities.  I posit that truly unknowledgeable individuals have little understanding of laws and either break them unintentionally or follow them blindly while moral, logical, fiscal, and possibly even religious arguments could be waged in opposition.  Mr. Bopp, you may do well to remember that even Jesus was considered a criminal of the state.

From: bernee brawn []
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 8:19 PM
Subject: hmmmmm

this sounds like a terrorist organization to me. be ashamed

to: bernee brawn

from: Abbzug

Let me see. . .terrorists (if we use the limited definition fed to us by the government) frequently use guns, enjoy killing, and cause pain without remorse.  Sounds a bit like a hunter.

From: Pete Magas []
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 6:13 PM
Subject: Your work.

As a hunter/angler and environmentalist, I’m sorry you have chosen this response to the acts of hunting and fishing. You might consider your part in the real culprit in the loss of fish, birds and land animals: overpopulation and the gobbling up of habitat by development. You might do better by taking out people, especially developers, and by all means, never fuck without a rubber.

Warm regards,

Pete Magas

From: nate g []
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 6:32 PM

I understand caring for the environment. and personally i think people like you are the reason its in danger!  overpopulation happens, and you complain when you gotta pick deer pieces out of the grill on your SUV, but heaven forbid it actually feed a family!  Next time you’re in jail….cuz i guess it happens often from going around attacking sportsman…..sit and think about where you would be if not for hunting…probably not here….what would your ancestors have eaten during the winters, wherever you’re descendants are from?  And as for sabotaging hunters/and fisherman i can only say that terrosism isnt a way to go about life.  I’m not afraid of people trying to ruin my hunt for that monster buck that will fill my freezer, or my quest for a stringer of catfish for my frying pan because we are logical.  We take what we need. Go after someone who really harms the world like oil companies, terrorists or even pickpockets would be a more noble cause than trying to stop 2 sacred rights of passage that are as old as time itself!

From: Brad Martin []
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 10:04 AM
Subject: your website

you sir are a danger to the world….spreading your message will,,get someone hurt….

it’s fine that you do not like hunting and hunters,,,but to go out in the field to “SapHunt” is down right wrong…

[editorial staff] Please, if you are going to use quotations get the term right……It’s even in the URL you visited.

From: Shaun Arnold []
Sent: Sunday, September 10, 2006 4:38 PM
Subject: what the hell

what the hell r u thinking having no hunting if there wasnt ne hunters then we would jus be overrun with deer u need to mind ur own business and go get fucked in the ass by your boyfriend.

To: Shaun Arnold

 Ah nothing like redneck homophobia to start the afternoon right. You did your fellow hunt scum proud.

From: Leczel, Mike C (N-Northrop Grumman) []
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2006 2:22 PM
Subject: press

Your sick!


You know we are going to contact your administrator if you send annoying email  Mike are you a complete moron? The reprimand for using your work Email to annoy people is our fault.  Thanks for playing



i wouldnt try to disrupt hunting by your stupid “tactics” in texas. on my place, if you were tresspassing, you would get shot. If i were you i would rethink it and not tresspass on peoples land, by texas law, you could be shot. I love animals, they’re tasty and look good on walls!!!

Michael, let your mommy and daddy know that you should get some tutoring in English Composition.  As for the remainder of your message, we have been sabbing in Texas for over 16 years with out incident.

From: jason gregg []
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 12:48 PM
Subject: planned hunts

Would you like to know where I plan on hunting this year? I would love to put an arrow between the eyes of every one of you fucking clueless pathetic losers!

From: Ruthie Welty []

Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 8:57 PM

Subject: hunter harassment

If you are found here in Illinois doing some of your illegal-do-gooder activities, you may be “found” here later.

From: []
Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 10:45 PM
Subject: genius’

If you would like ,I will send you the GPS coordinates of where I will be hunting Bambis with my HIGH POWERED RIFLE in CO in november.Please send some vegan geniuses to disrupt my time in the woods.I will make sure I have plenty of ammo,we’ll have us a rockin good time.Hope to see you soon,Human Being.



i wouldnt try to disrupt hunting by your stupid “tactics” in texas. on my place, if you were tresspassing, you would get shot. If i were you i would rethink it and not tresspass on peoples land, by texas law, you could be shot. I love animals, they’re tasty and look good on walls!!!

Mickael #55

We have been doing this for over 16 years, per your profile that means 2 year longer than you have been alive. Still no ticket, still have our hunting licenses. We do not nor do we encourage people to trespass  If you want to fire on poachers and other hunters who are trespassing on your parents land we can’t stop you.

We have been lurking on  hunting forums for a few years.  Below are some of our recent endorsements.

These are some very smart and demented people who suffer from a very advanced form of Bambism, they think all the animals are cute cuddle little bunnies or teddy bears.

The way to beat them at their own game is to report them to the law and press charges every time we come across one of them acting out to disrupting a hunt.

Never attack them physcally or verbally thats what they want. Alway be polite ask them to leave. use a cell phone if you have one call the law and stay with them until the law arrives. if they want to leave, tag along to their vehcile get the license number and good discription of the fool or fools. if you have a cell phone that takes photos get a picture of them. Take the time to press charges.

Try to get them to assualt you verbally, its not all that hard to do, just be real nice. Speak in a very slow patronizing voice as if you were talking to a small child. Explain how killing and eating game is so much better then eating weeds, tell them that vegans can become brained damaged by only eating weeds and grass. Tell them you understand why they don’t have a life and need to come out and act like fools. Say its not their fault, they have been brain washed by very sick people and they really need deep mental help. Even if they dont attack you verbally its fun to screw with their heads. so enjoy messing with their minds. Remember they will more then likely have some one around you with a recorder and camera. Keep in mind these are sick dangerous people who not only want to end your sport but all blood sports hunting, fishing, and anything else they deem untastful.
if its not doves,deer or pheasants. These looneys want to stop everyone from keeping fish, birds, dog, cats and all other animals as pets. These are true crazy people. They have lots of funding and can buy the support of a lot of politicians. we need to fight them with every thing we have or we will loss the freedom to pursue the sports and keep the pets we love. IMHO


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Shows their level of intelligence if they think attacking people in the field with loaded guns is a good idea.

I doubt you would even have to actually shoot these losers. Fire a couple rounds over their heads and I bet they lose their resolve pretty quick.
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Re: The American Hunt Saboteurs Association

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Quote from: plottdogg on September 05, 2006, 10:43:50 AM

I am kinda curious why stuff like that happens in England but not over here

Because, thanks to our government, we have the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms”

Would you really go and mess with a hunter or fisher, knowing he may be the proud holder of a Concealed Carry Permit and a “GLOCK” loaded with 17 Rounds of Federal Hydra-Shok Ammo?

My stepson, Jake, often asks, “Why do you bring your handgun when we go fishing?”  My answer.. “Just in case.”

That is the prime reason those #$%^&*@ idiots don’t pull that crap over here.  I don’t know about your fishing crews, but let me tell you, if those guys came after me, Brad, our dads, and friends on one of our trips, it would make the Valentine’s Day Masacre look kind and gentle.
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Re: The American Hunt Saboteurs Association

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I kind of welcome this group…

No really…

Gives me something new to hunt.

Tuesday, September 12 2006 @ 08:16 PM CDT

Read an article several years back about some of these animal rights people and the method they were using.

The author of the article went out with them during a “duck hunt”. A younger woman and man. They had all the proper liscenses to be out hunting. they just sat out there and blasted away, scaring the ducks away from the area. When accosted by the local authorities they provided their liscenses and used the excuse that they were just real bad shots.

Nothing you can do about it except by acting like a “true” sportperson while out in the field and in public and by educating the non-public hunting about the true value of hunting. We are our own spokesman.


Tuesday, September 12 2006 @ 04:21 PM CDT

Some of the info on the website was actually quite comical. I also followed one of the links to the lion hunt video that was posted on here a couple months ago, I had almost forgotten about it, pretty scary. Tofu fartin liberal tree huggers anyway.