Getting started

Before you get started…

  1. Why are you against Hunting?
  2. Are you against All forms of Hunting?
  3. What are your Boundaries?
  4. What are your physical Limitations?
  5. Can you afford to be arrested?

Before you continue, it is strongly suggested that you answer each of the above questions honestly. There are no right or wrong answers, but it will help you determine what you are able and willing to do. Hunt sabotage encompasses a wide range of tactics, most do not require a gun, some do. How you participate is you choise.

So you have pondered your boundaries, examined your ethics, and you have decided that you are tired of writing letters and holding signs.   You really want to go up against Bubba*…….You have never picked up a gun, much less know the correct end to hold.  So, now what?

First, educate yourself.  You will be amazed at the amount of information available from the library and used book stores on hunting.  Many good books will contain both “do” and “don’t” lists.  Examine both.  You must, in essence, know how to “hunt” the hunter.  Where, or what, is a rut?  Why is it important to hunters, and how can you utilize it to drive a deer or other animal into hiding?  How do you determine where an animal sleeps?  Is it a good place to spread repellant?  What does a deer feeder look like? Etc.  Many of these questions will be answered in this site.  But remember, we are not currently experts in all parts of the country or your particular terrain.  It is also up to you to research.

Second, take classes.  Most states offer a hunter education class of some kind.  We encourage you to take any that might be offered.  They will have a wealth of info that you can use.  (Some states require a course before you can get your hunting license.)

Third, get in shape–both physically and mentally.  If you get winded walking to the fridge and McDeath is your idea of health food, you are not ready to hunt sab. If you are afraid of gunfire and hate guns, you are not ready for hunt sabbing during the season.

Fourth, practice.  If you are going to use a gun for sabbing, know its complete operation. Seriously consider blanks or the lowest powered shot available in the field until you are comfortable.  Guns are dangerous, and if you don’t know how to use them, you can injure yourself or others.  To insure you do not injure any creature while in the field, we suggest  going to the skeet range to shoot clays (small ceramic plates).  Those sabs who actually hit something buy the beer.

Hunt sabbing is not for everyone.  There are many ways to fight blood sports without going to the woods. Unfortunately, these methods do not work for the individual animal.

Before you seriously consider sabbing, you must realize that some strategies involve you in enemy territory.  Hunters are traditionally careless, and sabbing during a season is dangerous if you do not follow safety guidelines.

It is our personal policy to view each hunter in the woods as a potential threat.  Not everyone in the woods is happy with us fucking with their hobby.  Check out the page on received threats for more info.

You do not save animal lives by being mistaken for “game” and killed.

In states where hunter harassment is illegal you must be more creative.

* throughout this site hunters are referred to as “Bubba” for simplicity.  For any hunters having problems with the big words you may encounter, please visit