Fishing has become big business—sonar to find the fish, high priced rods and reels to deplete our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Industrial fishing has brought many species to the brink of extinction.  No one truly knows how many fish are pulled from the water. What’s wrong with angling?

We consider fishing to be a form of hunting. There are some basic tactical differences that one must employ when you are going after fishing.

Legal and other methods of sabbing are below, other options include Illegal and gray area tactics, For the snorkel/scuba diver,At the seafood restaurant

The number of sab groups including angling in their activities is increasing. On the whole, anglers are less likely to get pleasure out of the suffering they cause than hunters and enjoy instead the mindlessness of outwitting a fish into impaling itself on a hook.  They don’t tend to be inherently violent. This is a bonus if you are a small group, as you can sab more anglers than you might want to confront if they were all blood-crazed terrier boys. The other thing about sabbing angling is that it can form a satisfying end to a day, after dealing with a hound pack.

Popular legal tactics include:

1) Hire a boat and paddle up and down the river.  The anglers will have to draw in their lines, and if you splash around a lot it’ll scare away the fish.  As long as you don’t have a 3-foot high punk haircut or wear your favorite ALF T-shirt, chances are the anglers won’t even realize they are being sabbed.  (They’ll just think you’re an idiot in a boat.)

2) Have a picnic next to the anglers whilst listening to your favorite music playing loudly from your mobile music system.  This will both scare the fish and piss off the anglers.

3) Get out your wetsuit and swim up and down the river.  It works in the same way as the boat, but its less subtle (even an angler might realize they are being sabbed if you do this).

4) Whilst still in your wetsuit, stand in the river and hit the water with a stick or blow a horn (even the most stupid angler will realize your a sab if you do this).

5) One British activist once jumped off a bridge into the water creating a big splash.

6) Find SMALL stones to throw into the river to scare the fish. Please note: This tactic has been heavily criticized as you may cause vibrations in the water, if your stone is too big, and stun the fish.


Do not throw big rocks into the river as this will stun the fish.

Do not try to pre-feed the fish as this could cause a “swim” and draw even more fish to the stretch of river being fished.  Also any food that is not eaten by the fish will sink to the bottom of the river, rot and may cause pollution.

The not quite so legal

Stink bait for catfish is possibly the most foul and disgusting thing (outside of a hunter) you will come across in a sporting goods store.  If you drop the package in an aisle and step on it, prepare to change shoes. Better yet, open the bottle and place it in an expensive coat or behind a display of down sleeping bags, etc.  A bottle or two will probably clear out a store. If you can find the large vent in the AC system and place an open bottle near it, this is the air return and will spread the scent more efficiently.

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