Letter of the Law

Letter of the Law means that the law is strictly applied in accordance with the literal meaning of the statute, leaving no room for interpretation.

‘It is not what my lawyer tells me that I may do, but what reason, justice, and humanity tell me that I ought to do.”

http://www.animal-law.com/huntharass/ currently lists a complete list of hunter harassment laws for each state.  Before you continue, I strongly suggest you go to their site and print out your state.

So, how do you follow the letter of the law and still “sab” a hunt?  Often a law, especially one addressing hunter harassment, will spell out exactly what is illegal.  By following the exact wording, you will often find loopholes.

Example: There are a few off duty Animal Rights activists around the country who actively hunt.  They are terrible shots and often use unconventional methods to attempt to attract prey animals.  A small group in the west hunts duck from a giant rubber ducky boat.  They have done the research and are currently not considered to be engaged in illegal activity.  They do not wish to be, nor are they considered, Hunt Sabs and I merely mention them as an example.

A lawyer once relayed to me that he would love to see a local sheriff or game warden drag someone—wearing camouflage, equipped with a rifle, and bearing a hunting license—before a judge to charge  them with hunt sabbing.  Additionally, if a hunt season hasn’t begun, how can you be charged for driving game out of the area?
Possible ideas that are not necessarily tested in the field:
According to a Nova episode I remember seeing once, deer attempt to pick a fight with larger deer to win over a doe.  If a 30-40 point buck replica were created that was 20 feet tall and had room for about a dozen hunters to sit in, would the “Deer Stand” possibly attract a heck of a lot of macho deer to shot at?   Be sure to paint it hunter orange so you don’t have someone mistake you for a real 20 foot tall 30-40 point buck.  If constructed modularly, 10 people could possibly carry it into a hunting area and  assemble it in under 30 minutes. Check local laws on deer stands.

If the deer are desensitized to the sound of gunshots (say, a couple cases of ammo a day), will they then be attracted to the large 30-40 point buck out of curiosity? Warning!  Firearms, especially shoot guns, get hot enough to burn your hands after about 30 shells, and you will bruise your shoulder for a week if you fire off the whole case in under an hour.  Wear hearing protection when shooting.  Your ears will thank you.

If a deer call will attract a single deer to your area, would an amplified deer call (say, through a megaphone) attract more deer?

Do inflatable novelty pigs attract the creepy pigs who like porn or just Bubba’s out for fun while the wife/sister/cousin is left at home?

Because antelope and deer don’t look up to search for danger (according to a bow hunter magazine), would one of those ultra light airplanes flying very low help someone hunt better? (Some states have outlawed aerial shooting, but not aerial calls or scenting.)

Doves and ducks are possibly attracted to kites shaped like birds.  I can’t remember if eagle or other predatory bird-shaped kites work.

Shop at an offensive store for all your imagined hunting needs.  Once you get fully rung up (a few hundred dollars or so) at the register and before you pay simply exclaim, “You know, I really despise hunting,” and walk out.  You have cost the store the hassle of restocking and the cashier’s time.  Nothing like a little legal economic sabotage.  For those who like a little less confrontation, fill one or more baskets up and leave them somewhere in the store.

Herne’s favorite animal repellant mix:  2 parts discount commercial animal repellant (left in the sun to become rancid), a small handful of human or dog hair, and a ground garlic clove.  Place in an empty beer or soda can.  Cover with leaves or paint to disguise.

Due to very one-sided laws, it is the responsibility of the land owner to put signs up to keep hunt scum from trespassing.  As a public service, why not promote safety and post “No Hunting” signs of your own?  Most hardware and feed stores sell the signs by the roll.  If you have access to free printing and sheet protectors, make your own.
Everyone associated with the AHSA is strongly encouraged to become a licensed hunter (after hours, of course).  Locally, we have taken the educational courses required of our state.  Despite hours at the shooting range, I just don’t seem to be a really good shot when it “counts.”  When I’m off-duty, I personally have trouble remembering which scent attracts or repels.  Maybe a vegan diet interferes with hunting knowledge.

It is our opinion that a 12 gauge shotgun is the loudest gun easily obtained for hunt sab purposes. Decent single shot versions can be found for under $100; pump actions can be found for under $200.  A long barrel is recommended when selecting a shotgun.  It keeps the pellet spray tight and prevents the shot from spreading too far out. Some Sabs opt to carry a side arm with them, incase, please use caution and know how to safely use any weapon you carry.

If you are going to undertake this method of sabbing, we recommend bird or trap shot.  It is less powerful (won’t travel as far or kick as hard).  The shells weigh less, and the pellets are steel not lead.   High-power rifles are not recommended for this type of action due to the velocity of the bullets.  Some rifle bullets can kill over a mile away. Game wardens have the right to inspect your weapon, be prepared to state that you are hunting for a species that matches your ammo, weapon and season.