The Restaurant

There are those that argue that smashing the windows of a restaurant at night will eventually cost them so much money that they will have to close.  I do not disagreeI just think it lacks imagination.  There are others who cannot afford to risk jail.  The tactics below are for them.

For some people, the smell of sea food makes them ill.  Why not take advantage of this?  If you do go into a seafood restaurant with the knowledge that you will get sick, we suggest that you pick a table in the center of the dinning room and let loose.   Please tip the wait staff as you leave.  They are the ones who will have to clean it up.   This action has multiple effects: the smell of vomit is difficult to remove from carpet; most restaurants don’t have a steam cleaner; and few people will be ordering desert after watching such an event.  Ipecac syrup in your Cola will really help the urge.  This tactic is also effective at the meat counterjust leave the animal rights shirts at home.

Booking a large reservation at a restaurant and not showing is a pain in the ass for the restaurant.  Call them back and explain why.  A good one is “I just found out you serve Canadian fish, and I don’t support clubbing baby seals.”

Grey Area:

I picked this up from a e-mail group for disenfranchised restaurant workers.  Not sure if there is a law against it.  Might be tampering with city property or some shit like that.  If your really curious, you shouldn’t attempt it.

Most restaurant kitchens run on natural gas.  The remaining run on propane.  The worst thing you can do to a restaurantOk, with the exception of arson or breaking all the windowsis to turn the gas off during the lunch or dinner rush.  This is accomplished with a 1 inch or so crescent wrench.  Below I have put an arrow on the valve.  This is the most typical configuration.  If this has never happened to the location before, it will cause chaos.  I recommend this tactic against chains, especially franchises.

In the same spirit, if the main circuit breaker is accessible, help them save a little electricity.  If you want to cross over the line a bit, apply super gel to the breaker switch before you flip it. Don’t hang around after this one.  The beaker is the first thing to get checked. Especially effective against vents (round cone shapes protruding from windows)

Not so gray area:

This is a common phone box for 4-6 lines.


It is common on most small restaurants in the south, and can be identified by the small white or gray lines coming out of it.  A simple tactic is to cut a large piece of wire from it, about 2-3 feet, and get lost.  For those Phreakers out there, why not hook up to the box and intercept the phone calls, insult the customers, or act like the restaurant manager and take the reservations?  It pisses people off to no end when reservations are lost.  Make long distance calls to hunters or other offensive individuals.  Call a sex line and talk for a few hours, etc.